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969518_10201234170721487_720007564_nPlease allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Regina Rose, and I work in the Digital Media division of the Dothan Eagle, as content coordinator. You may also remember reading a few of my restaurant reviews online or in the newspaper in the Dothan Eagle’s lifestyles section.

Well, for now, I’m taking a hiatus from restaurant reviews because I’m changing my life.

Following years of truly enjoying horrible habits, and putting the needs of others before my own (like most southern girls are required to do) I am seizing an opportunity to utilize a relatively new medical device in order to kick my insulin habit of three years. In doing so, I hope to halt the further progression of  the effects of Diabetes in my body, a disease I’ve battled since about 1996.

Or, as I like to put it – I’m working on being “fluffy” no more.  🙂

In this blog, I plan on recapping my own gastric-banding journey thus far, that technically began in December, 2009, and giving you the play-by-play completely from my point of view as I experience it.

Although I use corsets as an illustration in this blog – I finally understand (at 40+ years of age) that I am beautiful just as I am, inside and out. The corset is a beautiful undergarment to me, and was a tool the Victorians used to give themselves an hourglass shape – through the cinching of the waist – oh, I won’t give you the whole history of them here, so if you want to know more, Google “corsets”. 🙂

For me, this surgery is not about corsets or vanity . It is strictly about health, and trying to avoid the well-known complications from having Diabetes for a long period of time.

Its (kind of) a Cinch – refers not only to the gastric banding process itself (cinching up the top area of the stomach) but all the things that lead up to being prepared for gastric banding surgery –  medical tests, weigh-ins, diets, etc. These seemed cumbersome to me to begin with, but as I look back, I’m very glad I did everything that was required.

As I blog, please feel free to e-mail me. If I don’t have an answer for your questions, I will do my best to find one for you from an expert. I am blogging not only for myself,  for therapeutic/entertainment reasons, but for your insight into this procedure as well. In the future, I will add pages to this blog that reflect your questions and comments. So stay tuned.

Now, on to the story, it begins right here.

Warmest regards,

BLOGGER’S NOTE: All pages contained within this blog (thefluffyblossom.wordpress.com/) are for non-professional advice and informational purposes only. Regina Rose is not a health professional, and is not associated with Flowers Hospital, or Bariatric Advantage and will not be held responsible for any advice  or information given within this blog. Since each individual will have their own unique results with any medical procedure, Ms. Rose encourages readers to do their own research into this and any other medical procedure before having one performed. E-mails will be answered as promptly as possible and replies are to be considered as non-professional advice unless otherwise noted.